We, Iota-Sigma, see ourselves capable of accomplishing great things and becoming better people than we ever thought we could on our own. Through the teachings of Lambda Chi Alpha and the friendships that we build with each other we are pushed, as our ritual represents, to improve ourselves, our Zeta, and to become more of a brother towards one another. Whether a brother may be struggling in a class, adjusting to a new environment, or has lost a loved one we believe that it is our duty to help them through their darkest times and be there for their brightest moments.

     We are all individuals with different personalities, different views, and different backgrounds, but we have that something in common that cannot be explained to others with any words and something no one can understand from that outside. However most, if not all, we see each other as an extension of their family and someone that they can come to for anything. Being able to meet a brother that attended a university on the other side of the country or even from Canada and have a conversation like close friends would is an incredible moment. Reason being that we have taken the same oaths, believe in the same CORE values, and love each other as brothers.